The Band

Mike Graham - Vocals

Favorite Album: Slippery When Wet

Favorite Song: In and Out of Love

Before I was a member, I remember seeing Non Jovi at the Sound Check, and dreaming that I was up on stage with them. And now I am!

Aaron Cheney - Guitar

Favorite Album: Young Guns Soundtrack

Favorite Song: It's My Life

I've always thought of Bon Jovi as the Simon & Garfunkel of hard rock. It's the vocal harmonies that drive so many of the songs, and the way Jon and Richie's vocals blend. I love singing the harmonies just as much as playing the guitar.

Joe Cresanti - Keyboards

Favorite Album: Lost Highway

Favorite Song: New Jersey

New Jersey is my favorite album, because it reminds of the rough streets where I grew up. It was a hardscrabble life, but it made me stronger.

Dan Scott - Bass

Favorite Album: 7800 Farenheit

Favorite Song: In and Out of Love

I remember when 7800 Farenheit first broke. It was like the ultimate sophomore jinx album, but I love it because it set the table for Slippery When Wet so perfectly.

Jesse Smith - Drums

Favorite Album: Have a Nice Day

Favorite Song: Faith

Faith is my favorite song to perform, by far. I can't wait to get to it in the set, every time Non Jovi takes the stage.


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